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American Fidelity has 50 years of experience delivering and administering employee benefits.  We offer an expansive suite of services and products to help you address the new challenges Health Care Reform has created for employers and employees. We’re happy to help our customer groups with any of the following:

Explore Your Responsibilities and Choices

We can go through our Employer Health Care Reform Responsibilities and Choices Book to help guide you through the responsibilities you may want to consider when making decisions about what to do with your health plan(s) and discuss which choices may be most effective for your organization going forward.

Deep Dive

Together we can take a closer look at specific Health Care Reform provisions:

  • Our Responsibilities and Choices Guide includes a workbook, which we can go through with you to help you determine whether certain Health Care Reform provisions may affect your plans or organization.
  • We have two sets of Health Care Reform calculators to help you assess the impact of the Free Rider Penalty, and Cadillac Tax requirements. We provide online calculators to help you estimate which employees may trigger a payment under those provisions. In addition, we have calculators we can use with you to help you perform a more sophisticated analysis and develop solutions to mitigate your risk of triggering a payment.

Planning for Implementation

When you’re ready to plan for implementation, we can help make recommendations on plan design, communication strategies for a smooth employee transition, and some options for plan compliance. No matter which path you pick, American Fidelity can help you get there!

    American Fidelity Assurance Company does not provide tax or legal advice.


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    We understand that these new requirements come at a time of strained budgets. 
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    What’s Due – And When? A simple timeline breaks down the new rules for you! Learn More

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