Eligible Expenses by Category

For Health Flexible Spending Account (Unreimbursed Medical), Health Reimbursement Arrangement, or Health Savings Account participants to be reimbursed for Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs and medicines purchased on or after January 1, 2011, a participant must provide a medical practitioner's prescription for the item(s). The prescription requirement will not apply to over–the–counter items that do not fall into the category of drug or medicine.

The following are a few examples of expenses commonly requested for reimbursement grouped by category. For a more comprehensive list of expenses that are eligible for reimbursement, including conditions on reimbursement eligibility, click here.

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  • OTC Drugs and Medicines (Requires Rx)
    • Acid controllers
    • Acne treatment
    • Allergy medicine
    • Analgesics
    • Antacid
    • Antihistamine
    • Anti-itch creams
    • Antibiotic first aid sprays or ointments
    • Aspirin
    • Baby rash ointments/creams
    • Calamine lotion
    • Cold medicine
    • Cough suppressants
    • Decongestants
    • Diarrhea medicine
    • Fever reducing medications
    • First aid cream
    • Hemorrhoid treatment
    • Insect bite creams and ointments
    • Laxatives
    • Menstrual pain relievers
    • Motion sickness pills
    • Nasal sprays
    • Nicotine gum or patches
    • Pain relievers
    • Respiratory treatments
    • Sleep aids and sedatives
    • Stomach remedies
    • Throat lozenges
  • Other OTC Items (No Rx Required)
    • Back brace
    • Bandages
    • Blood sugar test kit and test strips
    • Carpel tunnel wrist supports
    • Cold/hot packs
    • Condoms
    • Contact lens solution/enzyme
    • Crutches
    • Denture adhesives
    • Diabetic supplies
    • Ear wax removal kits
    • First aid kits
    • Gauze pads
    • Glucose monitoring equipment
    • Hearing aids and batteries
    • Incontinence supplies
    • Insulin
    • Liquid bandage
    • Medical monitoring and testing devices
    • Nasal wash systems
    • Orthodontia wax
    • Ovulation monitor
    • Reading glasses
    • Sinus medication
    • Spermicidal foam
    • Supplies to treat a medical condition
    • Thermometers
    • Walkers
    • Wheelchair
  • Common Non-OTC Expenses
    • Ambulance
    • Asthma treatments
    • Birth control pills
    • Blood pressure monitoring devices
    • Chiropractors
    • Contact lenses, materials, supplies
    • Copays
    • Coinsurance
    • Counseling
    • Deductibles
    • Dental/orthodontia services
    • Diagnostic item/services
    • Drug addiction treatment
    • Eye examinations and eye glasses
    • Fertility treatments
    • Flu shots
    • Immunizations
    • Laboratory fees
    • Laser eye surgery
    • Nursing services
    • Prescription drugs and medicines
    • Physical exams
    • Physical therapy
    • Prenatal expenses
    • Prosthesis
    • Psychiatric care or psychologist
    • Screening tests
    • Smoking cessation programs
    • X-ray fee

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