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Understanding Your Employee Benefits

Everyone deserves to have peace of mind and American Fidelity has the insurance benefits that can help you get there. We understand one size does not fit all – that's why we carefully designed our plans to fit different lifestyles and needs of our customers. Whether you choose one or all of our benefits, American Fidelity is here to provide outstanding customer service and be a reliable provider you can trust.

Your benefits enrollment date is April 11th to May 27th!

Flexible Spending Accounts

Health Flexible Spending Accounts (Unreimbursed Medical) and Dependent Day Care Accounts allow you to be reimbursed for eligible expenses made throughout the year.

    Insurance Plans

    We offer supplemental insurance that can help protect you and your family. Plan benefits are paid directly to you and we offer payroll-deduction of premiums. Eligible employees can choose from:

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    Calculator_Icon_30X36 Are you unsure of how much to set aside for eligible medical expenses? Use our Health FSA worksheet to help you calculate costs!

    Section 125 Plan

    Reduce your taxes and increase your spendable income by using pre-tax dollars for your eligible insurance premiums through your employer's Section 125 program.

    How much can a Section 125 Plan help you? Use our Section 125 calculator to see an example of how much you could be saving.

    How To Enroll

    During your enrollment, your American Fidelity Representative will be available to enroll you in the Section 125 plan, plus review your current benefit selections. Together, you can ensure that you understand all provided benefits. A Spousal Healthcare Eligibility Affidavit is required each year at the time of enrollment.

    New employees: If you have been hired outside of the benefit enrollment period, you can contact your American Fidelity representative to learn more about your available benefits, plus enroll in the plan.

    American Fidelity

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