Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Enjoy a money-saving way to pay for eligible medical or dependent care expenses with a flexible spending account that deducts pre-tax dollars from your paycheck. Simply choose the amount to be deducted, and the funds are set aside to be used for eligible expenses throughout the year. You can choose from two types of plans: Health FSA (Unreimbursed Medical Account) and Dependent Day Care FSA

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Health Flexible Spending Accounts (Health FSA)

Thms_90x75_HealthFlexSpendSet aside pre-tax dollars to be used to pay for eligible medical expenses.

Dependent Day Care
Accounts (Dependent Care FSA)

thm_dependentcareUse your pre-tax dollars to set aside money for your eligible dependent care expenses.

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Your account and administration services:

  • Online submission of flex claims
  • Daily processing of claims
  • Direct deposit of reimbursements
  • Toll-free automated system (FlexConnection®) available 24 hours a day for FSA balance and account activity
  • Toll-free fax number for claim submissions
  • 24/7 online access to FSA forms
  • Secure online access to FSA account balance, deposit, and payment information

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